Bait Ul Huroof Activity Pack

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We are sure your child will enjoy using this unique montesseri style Arabic letter recognition pack, insha Allah. Baitul Huroof  has the words and letters in different colours effectively to engage the child for as long as possible. The red letters helps the child remember them easily, while the answer cards encourages the child to carry out self assessment of their work.

Teaching Aims

  • To enable the child to recognise the individual Arabic letters as they stand.
  • To enable the child to recognise the different shapes of the letters at the beginning, middle and at the end of the word.
  • To enable the child to recognise the letters within a word.
  • To encourage reading.

The pack can be used for many activities:

  • Letter recognition
  1. Place  an individual letter in the correct place on the house.
  2. The child then finds the different shapes of the letter and places them in their correct places in the house.
  3. The child then finds words containing the letter and places them in their correct places in the house.
  4. The child then uses the appropriate answer card to check their work.
  • Reading practice
    The indivdual word cards can be used for reading practice. This gives the child bite size reading words, hence its not daughnting to read.
  • Memory game

There is a wide scope for this activity. The cards can be used to find:

  1.  the words containing common letters;
  2.  cards containing same letter but in different shapes.
  3.  the word card that contains a particular letter.
  4. two letters that appear in a particular position in a word such as the middle of a word.
  5. letters that are the same.
  6. letters that do not attach to the next letter in a word.
  • Card sorting

The child can be giving a set number of cards and is encouraged to sort the cards    according to a particular criteria such as cards containg a particular letter, cards that have letter in a particular place in the word, word cards containing a particular letter and so on.


The following is included in the Baitul Huroof activity pack:

  • Different shaped letters (3 pages)
  • Individual letters (2 pages)
  • Words containing the letters (2 pages)
  • The actual house (bait) of the letters (huroof) (1 page)
  • Answer cards (7 pages)

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